North America

Office in USA

atea-WK USA, Inc., supplies the latest in environmental treatment equipment. Since 1959 we have been tailor making equipment for a diverse range of clients in industries such as automotive, semi-conductor, petrochemical, steel mills (coil coating) and printing. Traditionally our clients have been European and Asian based. With the establishment of our office in the USA, North American clients can now readily access our cutting edge environmental treatment technology.

From our offices in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia and China our teams of highly skilled engineers provide our clients with complete environmental protection systems. By handling the development, engineering, design and manufacturing of the system we ensure our clients enjoy the latest technology at competitive prices.

Our high rate of repeat business is evidence of the superior quality of our systems. Time and again our systems have proven to be reliable, robust and highly efficient. Our systems are designed to be user friendly and most require minimal maintenance. Additionally, a number of energy saving features have been built into the systems.

Innovation through our in-house research and development continues to be the cornerstone of our success. Our clients can be confident that with an atea-WK system they are acquiring the latest in environmental protection technology. Clients in our traditional markets have long been required to comply with increasingly stringent environmental discharge limits set by the European Union. On an on-going basis, we modify and improve our technology to ensure our clients' facilities meet these discharge limits. Our systems are tried and tested and have a proven success rate. We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly innovate, apply the latest techniques and be at the forefront of environmental protection technology.