Besides main components of waste water treatment systems and gas treatment systems, Tialoc also has experience in designing and producing other corrosive resistant accessories for above mentioned systems. For example ducting and fans for scrubber systems, header pipes and process instrument cabinets in waste water treatment plants.

Corrosive Resistant Fan

Tialoc can provide high pressure fans and ventilation systems of various sizes and designs, based on the customers’ specification. Our fans are normally made of corrosive resistant thermoplastic materials such as PP, PE, PPS, PVC (-C) and PVDF. All our fans can be provided in dual laminate material as well. The impeller material usually consists of lined steel-rubber, FRP or coated steel (Teflon etc). Our fans can be provided for air volumes of 200-150,000m³/h and can withstand pressures up to 4,500Pastat. Tialoc’s fans are corrosion resistant, powerful and reliable. The fans also have long service life and require low maintenance.

Waste Stream Headers

Waste stream headers are commonly used in liquid and gas waste streams. One application for these headers is in waste water treatment plants. The purpose of waste stream headers is to avoid fast decline in pressure within the waste stream system and to maintain an even flow.
Tialoc provides both thermoplastic and dual laminate waste stream headers, depending on the required pressure rating and external environmental influences. We have previously provided headers to industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, semi-conductive, waste water treatment, textile etc Chemical Resistant Cabinet & Ducting These accessories effectively prevent respective instruments from chemical attacks and they also provide a unique image to the whole system. Furthermore the use of plastic material for these accessories can increase the lifespan which contribute to increased cost effectiveness