Testing and Commissioning

Plant Testing and Commissioning

During installation, the Tialoc project team will plan the testing and commissioning activities.  When installation works are completed the commissioning team commences to complete the work. Tialoc has qualified commissioning personnel with hands-on experience.

  Tialoc define the commissioning in stages:

  • Pre commissioning - where preliminary checks are carried out, eg cleanliness of duct, pipes and tubes, pressure / leak tests, cables meggared and continuity checks of wiring.
  • Commissioning - where the system will be tested in order of availability.
  • Start-up or hot commissioning – where the system receives actual waste / performance testing  
  • Once the commissioning is completed for any device or equipment, a tested flag is tied to that device / equipment.
  • When powered, an 'energized' flag is set on the device.
  • Devices like MCC’s are locked to prevent any unauthorized use and keys kept under special site key cabinet.
  • Daily commissioning activities are logged for completeness.