Tools System Hook Up

Tools System Hook-Up

Tools System Hook-Up is the final installation stage of any industrial project, wherein the production machines/tools are installed & tested together with utilities and services lines.

Hook-Up work covers a wide ranging scope including mechanical, piping/tubing, electrical, cabling and special process lines, sometimes also civil, structural and architectural works, where it requires specially designed foundation and enclosure in certain instances. The scope can be extended to logistics support for production tools move in or out from the production floor.

Tialoc is capable to provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of Tools System Hook-Up service particularly in the semiconductor and related high tech industries. With our vast experience in this field, we can undertake any scale of system hook up, from simple to complex according to our customer's requirements.

Tialoc has our proven track record in the most stringent working environment. We carry out hook-up works for production tools in the highest class clean room (class 1) of semi-conductor fabrication. In addition, there are many high purity piping works that require highly-skilled professional for welding, QA/QC checking and testing. Any ignorance or mistake would possibly leading to disastrous consequences such as contamination, failure of production qualification, or even explosion. We also have our own manufactured products such as FM approved SUS304 Teflon coated duct for high corrosive exhaust and our advanced thermo-plastic technology for high purity chemical distribution. Hence, we are a one-stop solution of system hook-up for our customers.