Flue Gas Cleaning

Absorption and Flue Gas Cleaning

Tialoc offers the following gas absorption systems for a wide range of application:

  • Packed-bed Scrubber;
  • Spray Tower;
  • Jet Scrubber;
  • Laboratory Scrubber (Module Package).

In the gas absorption/ scrubbing system, one or more components of a gas stream are selectively absorbed into an absorbent. Physical or/and chemical absorption could occur in the scrubbing process. Scrubbing is commonly encountered when treating flue gas to control acid/caustic gases, particulates, certain organics and odours.

  • Tailor made for actual waste gas conditions through lab analysis and process modelling;
  • High removal efficiency for different kinds of pollutants, i.e. HCl, HF, Cl2, HNO3, H2SO4, HCN, NH3, CH3COOH, NOX, SOX, H2S, Ethylene Oxide, TCS;
  • Fully automated industrial grade control system to precisely control chemical consumption with minimal operator intervention;
  • Compact vertical or horizontal design to accommodate various footprint requirements.