TNV Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer


Our TNV is the answer of almost all industrial requirements. The robust and high-efficient system can deal with a wide range of pollutants. The TNV becomes in combination with additional energy-recovery-systems also very consumable friendly.

The Tialoc-WK TNV system, in combination with a secondary energy recovery system, is a low cost solution for the treatment of high solvent concentration streams. Energy can be recycled back to the production line.

Available in two different designs:

1. An integrated air pre-heater for oxidation temperatures of up to 780°C
2. A separate air pre-heater version with a combustion chamber insulated on the inside for oxidation temperatures up to 1000°C The complete unit is made from high quality materials with a proven robust design that requires minimal maintenance.

  • The system can be integrated with a zeolite adsorption rotor, ideal for use in a large exhaust stream where the VOC concentration is low;
  • Employs our patented burner cone which allows for adjustable residence times in the oxidation chamber, thus allowing for lower solvent concentration in the discharge when required;
  • Oxidizer comes with integrated heat exchanger;
  • Up to 80% thermal efficiency;
  • Up to 99.99% cleaning efficiency;
  • External insulation;
  • Shell material SS304 and higher;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • High cleaning efficiency;
  • Compact and robust design;
  • Long life-time;
  • Low operating cost.