VOC Absorber Wheel

The Tialoc-WK VOC concentrator system is used mainly for concentrating large volumes of solvent streams where the VOC concentration is low.

Tialoc-WK Rotor Adsorption System concentrates solvent in low loaded process air by adsorption of the solvent pollutants using hydrophobic zeolithe or active carbon. Selection of the adsorption material depends on the application.

The adsorption materials used make a purification rate of 98% possible, and guarantees compliance with the legal requirements.


  • Employs a unique high temperature regeneration system that enables the rotor to be used efficiently for long periods of time;
  • Uses a zeolite adsorption rotor. Typically, an oxidizer unit is installed after the rotor for the oxidation of the VOC concentrated desorption air stream;
  • Reduce overall operating cost by concentrating process air before thermal oxidation;
  • Compact, simple system;
  • Can be integrated with new and existing thermal oxidizer;
  • Long life-time;
  • High reliability;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Compact, robust and modular design.