High Efficiency Venturi Scrubber

Our Venturi is the classic single venturi design. Designed and constantly refined by our R&D team for maximum efficiency, this scrubber assures complete liquid and particulate mixing with simple, proven methods of venturi throat design. The unit is custom designed to suit specific process gas requiring particulate removal.

The dirty gas inlet approaches the flanged venturi vertically down. A high pressure nozzle with a large scrubbing liquid volume aspirates the gas through the unit. At the throat, break-up of the liquid into droplets creates a large surface area for gas absorption to occur. Solid particulates down to 3 micron in size are also removed through impaction with the droplets. An optional adjustable throat allows flexible operation with varying flow rates or dust concentrations.

  • Modular system design;
  • Compact and robust design;
  • Particle removal efficiency up to 99.9%;
  • Solid particulate removal down to 3 micron in size;
  • Suitable for high temperature and corrosive gases;
  • Consistent discharge quality;
  • Greater flexibility on feed flows and loading for adjustable throat venturi;
  • Automated operation;
  • High quality of product water;