One of the most efficient and cost effective types of dust collectors available, can achieve a collection efficiency of more than 99% for very fine particles. This is due to dust particles loading on the filtration media, helping to block other particles as they approach in the air stream. Dusty air enters the bag house compartment through collection hoppers. A bag house filter consists of one or more fibrous filter bags supported on metal cages enclosed in a chamber through which the gases must pass. The large particles drop out while smaller dust particles collect on filter bags. When the dust layer thickness reaches a level where flow through the system is restricted, the bag cleaning process is initiated. Cleaning can be done while the bag house is still online (filtering) or in isolation (offline). Once cleaned, the compartment is placed back in service and the filtering process starts over.

  • Durable filter material;
  • High temperature fabrics (>200°C);
  • Automatic pulse jet cloth cleaning system;
  • Continuous operation;
  • Consistent discharge;
  • Greater operating range enables flexibilities to operate in lower or higher flows volume;
  • Minimum pressure drop across bag filter;
  • Rigid cage design;
  • High reliability;