The packed tower or packed bed scrubber is used for the removal of gaseous, fume, or mist contaminants from an air stream. Packed Bed Scrubbers are relatively simple devices with potentially very complex chemistry.
The contaminated exhaust comes into contact with the washing liquid at the packed bed. The large surface area of the packing enhances the mass transfer of the pollutant from gaseous to liquid state. Clean gas is then discharged, in most cases, to the atmosphere.
Tialoc has accumulated extensive experiences and knowledge by successfully engineering and construction of thousands of wet scrubbers worldwide. We are well prepared to treat even difficult scrubbing applications of multiple contaminants. Whatever your air pollution problem, we will ensure to get you covered.

  • Tailor made for actual waste gas conditions through lab analysis and process
  • High removal efficiency for different kinds of pollutants, i.e. HCl, HF, Cl2, HNO3, H2SO4, HCN, NH3, CH3COOH, NOX, SOX, H2S, Ethylene Oxide, TCS;
  • Fully automated industrial grade control system to precisely control chemical consumption with minimal operator intervention;
  • Compact vertical or horizontal design to accommodate various footprint requirements;
  • Either vertical or horizontal scrubber can be designed to suit the footprint requirements