The spray tower system is designed to treat a specific flow range of waste gas, within a specific temperature range. This system is specifically engineered to remove gas pollutants that will form slurry by-products when reacting with the scrubbing chemicals. The spray tower is also capable of treating aerosol and particulate waste gases, or simply cooling and humidifying the exhaust for further treatment.
Typical application:

  • Removal of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide gases from combustion sources;
  • Acid and caustic fume scrubbing;
  • Gas scrubbing.
The spray tower applies the absorption principle. In the tower, the contaminants (gases, aerosols or particulates) come into contact with sprayed scrubbing liquid droplets and are then absorbed or collected.


  • Simple yet efficient of over 98% control efficiency;
  • Distribution nozzles to maximize mass transfer efficiency;
  • Low pressure drop design;
  • Automatic operation;
  • Online neutralization system;
  • Optional air sparger systems for oxidation of sulfite generated salts.