Tialoc offers a comprehensive selection of flares, flare systems and vapour control equipment.

We custom designs a wide variety of smokeless flares including:

  • Ground flare or enclosed flares;
  • Steam, gas, high pressure/low pressure stages, sonic, multi-point flares, burn pit flares

Field of application for ground flare:
  • Visible flame not acceptable;
  • Very long flaring duration;
  • Very low noise production required;
  • High emission standards
Field of application for elevated flare:
  • End-of-pipe solutions for the safe bringing into atmosphere 
    (by igniting and burning) of large flare gas streams

For more than 10 years, we have been extensively participate in numerous applications including refining, onshore / offshore production, well testing, petrochemical, gas processing, pulp and paper, LNG, pharmaceutical, food processing and landfills. 

Whatever your air pollution problem, Tialoc will surely have you covered.

  • Destruction efficiency up to 99.999% for ground flare and 98% for elevated flare;
  • System is reliable and stable;
  • Long service life;
  • Low maintenance and operating cost.