Tialoc Group has now entered the Mining & Minerals Processing Sector, leveraging off the wide depth of experience in project delivery from related industrial sectors over many years. We see tremendous growth in this sector in many regions of the world from the current natural resources boom. Growth and investment in this sector was a large factor in our investment and strategy to expand into the Latin American market and the establishment of our Santiago office. We also see large investments in both existing and Greenfield so-called ‘mega-projects’ in Australia and South-East Asia which we service from our Head Office in Singapore.

While many traditional technologies and systems are well established, the breadth of opportunities and constant introduction of new technologies is ideal for Tialoc Group to be involved in developing bespoke solutions for optimised investment and reductions in O&M costs and complexity – especially for remote locations!

Our service and systems offering for this sector include the following:

Gas & Exhaust Treatment Systems:
  • Particulate venturi and spray tower systems;
  • Acid exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Sulphuric acid gas recovery and treatment;
  • Caustic exhaust treatment;
  • Hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, chlorine and other gas treatment systems;
  • Heat & Energy recovery & Management of fugitive emissions.
Water Technologies:
  • Package & permanent potable water & sewage treatment plants;
  • Zero-discharge systems;
  • Membrane treatment and water reclamation systems;
  • Industrial wastewater treatment.
High Temperature:
  • Mixed waste incineration systems for remote locations.
  • Acid & chemical storage & handling systems;
  • Acid & chemical recovery / acid treatment systems.
  • Acid/chemical resistant dual-laminate piping systems;
  • Custom tanks & vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems;
Nickel & Cobalt Atmospheric Leaching Processing:
  • Substitution of traditional HDPE and HDPE lined/coated CS with Tialoc’s dual laminate piping systems to provide a robust internal & external corrosion resistant continuous (no joints) pressure pipe solution;

Copper Slurry Transport:
  • Substitution of traditional HDPE triple external coat, HDPE slip lined CS pipe with Tialoc’s HDPE dual laminate liner pipe providing superior robust solution, vacuum resistance, substantially reduced installation efforts & improved site safety
Copper Electrowinning:
  • Acid exhaust treatment scrubber systems;
  • Corrosion resistant acid exhaust collection systems;
  • Dual-laminate process piping systems and acid and acid leachate transport offering superior protection and durability, fully laminated joints eliminating leak points.
Rare Earths Processing:
  • Tialoc’s custom design gas treatment plant taking hot sulphuric acid gas from rotary kilns, recovery of the acid and treatment SO2 and acid mist to meet very strict regulatory requirements;
  • Custom design FRP and dual-laminate reaction vessels;
  • Dual-laminate process piping systems;
GCT technology partnership for non-ferrous metals industry:

Tialoc Group’s relationship with GCT from USA combines the extensive engineering experience of GCT together with Tialoc’s proven project delivery model