Tialoc Group has extensive know-how in Chemical Processing Sector, leveraging off the wide depth of experience in project delivery from related industrial sectors over many years. We have our technology and products applied in many different processes in chemical plants. tialoc's treatment system ensures the wastes and by-products are safely treatment and removed before being discharged to the environment.

As a customer centric company, we are committed to providing the environmental treatment solutions that fit their unique needs. Keeping our pulse on technological advancements in waste treatment process enables us to identify and apply innovative solutions that are appropriate and cost efficient.

Our service and systems offering for this sector include the following:

Gas & Exhaust Treatment Systems:
  • Particulate Venturi and jet scrubbers;
  • Caustic exhaust scrubber treatment;
  • Acid exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Hydrochloric acid gas recovery and treatment;
  • Chrome mist scrubber system;
  • Ammonia, chlorine, ethylene oxide and other gas treatment systems;
  • Laboratory scrubber systems.
Water Technologies
  • Oil water separation systems;
  • Membrane treatment and water reclamation systems;
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
High Temperature
  • Mixed waste gas and/or waste liquid incineration systems;
  • VOC thermal oxidizer systems;
  • Elevated flare, ground flare, low flare systems;
  • Heat and energy recovery systems;
  • DeNOx system.
  • Acid/chemical resistant dual-laminate piping systems;
  • Custom tanks & vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems.
Siloxane, Silane, Fume Silica and other silicon based material production plant
  • Supply of conductive FRP jet scrubber and packed bed scrubber system for tank farm;
  • Supply of ex-proofed FRP Venturi scrubber and packed bed scrubber;
  • Supply of the integrated system for Material Energy Recovery Unit, which including rotary kiln, waste heat boiler, cyclone, Venturi, HCl recovery, CSCR (continuous selective catalytic reactor), WESP (wet electro static precipitator), ion exchanger, metal recovery, scrubber system;
  • Supply of FRP vertical scrubber system for Acetic Acid treatment;
  • Supply of oil water separation unit;
  • Supply of vertical incinerator, HCl scrubber, Cl2 Removal, particulate & aerosol removal and heat removal system for waste gas;
  • Custom designed FRP lined ECTFE/PVDF towers and reaction vessels.
Dye Processing Plant
  • Supply of thermal recuperative oxidizer (TNV), quencher and vertical packed bed scrubber for VOC abatement and organic components removal;
  • Custom designed FRP lined PP/PVC/PVDF pipes for waste water transportation;
  • Custom designed and build the treatment system for production wastewater and domestic wastewater.
Engineering Plastics Plant
  • Supply of FRP vertical acid scrubber system for off gas treatment;
  • Supply of Ammonia scrubber for off gas treatment.
Polymers Manufacturing Plant (MDI, TDI, PU,Polyols, etc):
  • Off gas absorption and removal scrubber systems;
  • Incinerator and heat & energy recovery system;
  • DeNOx system;
  • Waste water and waste gas incinerator;
  • Dual-laminate process piping systems for collection and transportation of waste chemical and waste water.
Special Chemical Processing (Acetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide, HCN, Chelates, Methionine, etc)
  • Waste gas incineration plant which including incinerator, burner, super heater, steam boiler, SCR, etc);
  • Custom design FRP and dual-laminate reaction vessels and piping system;
  • Supply of Venturi scrubber for particles removal;
  • Supply of EO absorption scrubber system;
  • Supply of thermal oxidizer, heat recovery boiler and flare system for HCN off gas treatment;
  • VOC scrubber and Venturi scrubber for lab.