The push for sustainable and clean energy has propelled the solar cell industry’s rapid growth in the last several years.

The progression in the high technology manufacturing sector from microelectronics to semiconductor to solar cell is only natural for tialoc. We now play an important role in providing environmental solutions to the full chain of solar cell production, from Polysilicon production, ingot slicing, wafer cell manufacturing to module assembly.

We continue to innovate and service this industry with our range of environmental treatment products and systems. Since 2010, Sino-Corrosion Ltd, one of our group subsidiaries started manufacturing teflon coated stainless steel ducting and reactor vessels that is FM (factory mutual) approved.

tialoc has also taken the win-win approach of providing operation, maintenance and management services including handling external audits for its systems, leaving the clients to focus on their core manufacturing business.

tialoc Offerings

Our service and systems offering within the Solar cell industry sector include the following:

Exhaust Technologies
  • General exhaust systems;
  • Acid and NOx exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Caustic exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Cyanide exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Volatile organic carbon exhaust treatment systems;
  • Exhaust ducting system for base build and hook up, including balancing;
  • Trichlorosilance (TCS) process vent treatment systems;
  • TCS emergency vent treatment systems;
Water Technologies
  • Waste water collection and transfer systems;
  • Acid waste neutralization plants;
  • Organic and inorganic waste water treatment plants;
  • HF treatment plants;
  • Dewatering systems;
  • Spillage sum pump system;
  • Hazardous waste containment;
  • Acid & chemical storage & handling systems;
  • Silane waste liquid hydrolysis and particulate treatment system;
  • Yearly maintenance services for exhaust treatment system;
  • Operating, maintenance, and management services for waste water treatment system;
  • Water recycling system;
  • Microfilter system;
  • Programming and Controls, HMI and SCADA system;
  • Acid/chemical resistant dual-laminate piping systems;
  • Custom tanks & vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems;
  • Acid/chemical resistant teflon coated stainless steel ducting and vessels (FM approved);

  • Skid mounted configuration for quick field installation and minimal debugging
  • Specialized process design for TCS waste treatment to accommodate the high levels of hydrogen generation, heat release, and silicic acid by-products during silane waste liquid hydrolysis
  • Flexibility to treat various flows and fluctuating flowrates
  • Sparing philosophy to reduce downtime