Tialoc Group is very active in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We service both API and down stream Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities wih state of the art environmental treatment systems. We also provide complete MEP (mechnical, electrical and process) services including turn key plant delivery to customers in this sector. Our extensive experience and indepth knowledge of certain pharmeceutical sub-sector coupled with our in-house ability to provide Validation Services has enabled us to be the preferred partner to many of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our partnership with these companies has been built with trust, mutual co-operation and continueos improvement. We continue to innovate and service this industry with our range of environmental treatment products and systems. Since 2010 with our strategic partial acquisition of Europem BV Belgium, Tialoc Group has added High Temperature Hazardous Waste Incineration to our growing product portfolio and services.

While many traditional technologies and systems are well established, the breadth of opportunities and constant introduction of new technologies is ideal for Tialoc Group to be involved in developing bespoke solutions for optimised investment and reductions in O&M costs, carbon footprint and complexity – especially for highly populated urban locations!

Our service and systems offering for this sector include the following:

Gas & Exhaust Treatment Systems
  • Particulate venturi and spray tower systems;
  • Acid exhaust scrubber systems (high pressure);
  • Custom designed mixed gas scrubbing for R&D laboratories;
  • Hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, chlorine and other gas treatment systems;
  • heat & energy recovery & management of fugitive emissions;
  • Solvent collection and recovery plants;
Water Technologies
  • Package & permanent potable water & industrial wastewater treatment plants;
  • Membrane treatment and water reclamation systems;
High Temperature
  • Mixed hazardous waste incineration coupled with heat recovery systems;
  • Acid & chemical storage & handling systems;
  • Acid & chemical recovery / acid treatment systems;
  • Bulk and speciality gases storage and piping (orbital welding) systems;
  • Custom tanks & reaction vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems;
  • Conductive FRP with carbon in-pragnated duct and vessel for corrosive and explosion proof environments;

    Complete MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Process) turn key plant delivery.

    Chemical cleaning and sanitization treatment of WFI (Water For Injection) piping system for Bio Farma Plant in Bandung, Indonesia.

    Supply and installation of teflon coated stainless steel coated ducting (FM approved) with end point dust abatement, scrubber and waste waste treatment. Includes reactor vent pressure control and associated facility management system.

    Supply and installation of solvent collection and recovery system for API facility. Included were the process facility controls, hot spots and other safety detection systems all tied into the plant facility management software.

    Supply of hydrogen scrubber and venting system plus separate multi-purpose scrubbing systems for an advance R&D and multi-product manufacturing plant.

    Custom designed acid scurbbing plant operating under high pressure and explosive environment.