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Food and Beverage

Tialoc Group has been involve in the Food & Beverage industry over the years helping to treat the industry’s process waste by-products; waste exhaust, odor and waste water.

Our prepriatory treatment systems have been installed in some of world’s biggest food and beverage companies. Our prtnership with these companies has been built with trust, mutual co-operation and continueos improvement. Over the years these customer partners have come to depend on Tialoc Group to provide industry leading treatment to protect their investments and our environment.

We continue to innovate and service this industry with our range of environmental treatment products and systems. Since 2010, Sino-Corrosion Ltd, one of our group subsidiaries started manufacturing teflon coated stainless steel ducting and reactor vessels that is FM (factory mutual) approved.

Our service and systems offering within the Food & Beverage industry sector include the following:

Gas & Exhaust Treatment Systems
  • Particulate venturi and spray tower systems;
  • Acid exhaust scrubber systems;
  • Caustic exhaust treatment;
  • Odor treatment systems;
  • heat & energy recovery & management of fugitive emissions;
Water Technologies
  • Membrane treatment and water recycle (to cooling tower) systems;
  • Package and compact Industrial wastewater treatment;
  • Zero-discharge systems;
High Temperature
  • Mixed waste incineration systems for remote locations;
  • Acid & chemical storage & handling systems;
  • Production vessel and associated piping/ valve and control systems;
  • Acid/chemical resistant dual-laminate piping systems;
  • Custom tanks & vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems;
  • Acid/chemical resistant teflon coated stainless steel ducting and vessels (FM approved);
  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems

    Odor treatment with Tialoc High Efficiency scrubbing system. Our system includes both an efficient fan and liquid recirculating pump. This ensures that the client’s production systems does not have to operate under pressure and odorous exhaust will always be ducted out even if the production plant has a sudden stopage. Our high efficient plant also ensures that the power consumption is kept minimal, providing savings to the end-user.

    In some cases odor can be treated with an Tialoc high temperature incinerator.

    Waste water treatment with Tialoc Compact Waste Water Plants. Our systems considers a smaller foot print with use of our prepriatory sludge recycling and upflow clarifier. A targeted and efficient biological treatment system is achieved with use specially isolated and cultured biology.

    Recycle of low quality (160-250° C) exhaust heat from roasting furnaces and exhaust stacks to enable waste heat to energy recovery. With energy and carbon footprint such a hot and contested topic, Tialoc is doing our bit by providing our own waste heat to energy recovery units. These are mobile, compact and modular plants that can be radiply deployed and expanded at a clients site to provide a stable and reliable anxilary power source to the production.