The Tialoc Group has extensive experience in the steel industry through its partner firm Gas Cleaning Technologies LLC. Through their joint venture GCT-Tialoc Pte Ltd. the Tialoc Group is able to offer a wide range of solutions for the steel industry drawing on global experience since 1995. The group can offer a range of services to the steel industry.

The Tialoc Group is one of the few companies with proven heat-recovery experience from waste gases in the steel industry.

These include:

Process Gas Handling and Cleaning System Design
  • Process Gas Characterization;
  • Process gas heat recovery, including waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, thermal fluids, and power generation;
  • Process gas conditioning, including combustion chambers, water-cooled ducts, and evaporative coolers;

Process Plant Fugitive Emission Control
  • Protecting employees and equipment from heat stress and dust exposure;
  • Field measurements and emissions quantification;
  • Secondary emissions control;
  • Molten metal transfer emissions control;
  • Process vessels secondary hooding;

Energy Optimization and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Audit and assessment of existing process operations with respect to productivity, efficiency, and environmental considerations;
  • Benchmarking of energy consumption in process operations;
  • Determination of GHG emissions associated with process operations, and development of process strategies aimed at reduction of GHG’s;

    Tialoc’s Group capability includes existing experience in the recovery of heat from medium grade waste heat sources. Tialoc has also gained significant practical experience in designing and constructing a waste heat recovery process employing ORC technology. In the steel industry GCT-Tialoc used this technology successfully to recover waste heat generated from reheat furnace off-gas in a rolling mill steel plant. The heat recovered from the waste off-gas is utilized to generate electrical energy through a turbo-expander-generator.