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Established in 2001, we have gained extensive knowhow in all industries and are able to offer tailor made solutions to design, build, finance, service and operate your plants.

Over the past ten years, Tialoc Composite has offered various solutions for chemical processing industry. They have specific demands and high requirements for their production.

Tialoc Composite equipment can be used for storing or processing the following mediums in chemical industry: MDI, TDI, HDI, LWI etc.

A selection of our products offering for chemical industry constructions:

  • Acid/chemical resistant dual-laminate piping systems;
  • Tanks & vessels in thermoplastics, dual-laminates and FRP;

Tialoc Composite is very active in the pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of certain pharmaceutical sub-sector coupled with our in-house ability to provide validation services has enabled us to be the preferred partner to many of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

Our products for Pharmaceutical industries are as follow:

  • Exhaust collection systems, ducting systems;
  • Conductive FRP with carbon in-paginated duct and vessel for corrosive and explosion proof environments;
  • Plastic lined equipment.

Tialoc Composite has extensive experience in steel industry and is able to offer a wide range of solutions.

As FRP is corrosion and fire retardant, choosing Tialoc Composite equipment is considered as a risk controlling and long lasting solution for Steel industry.

Our major equipments offering for Steel industry are pickling bath and relevant fittings with material of FRP or plastic lined FRP.

Tialoc Composite has supplied process equipment naming storage tanks, mixing tanks and piping spools for Mechanical & Material industries over the few years.

Tialoc Composite recognizes that the Oil & Gas market will grow vigorously. We can meet the global demand for long lasting and cost effective solutions for process and storage equipment in the Oil & Gas processing markets by using FRP and dual laminate materials.

Tialoc Composite also has an excellent performance in other industries, such as pulp & paper, food & beverage, power, technology and so on.