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Tialoc Group of Companies is proud to announce the formation of Tialoc Belgium NV in Lier, Belgium, on the 1st of July 2020

Nested at the heart of Europe, Tialoc Belgium will be the new home to a team of high temperature technology specialists from the late Europem NV, a long-term business partner of Tialoc.

The Belgium office is poised to become one of Tialoc most advanced design and R&D regional hubs for high temperature technologies, enabling the group to be closer to its long-standing multinational customers headquartered in Europe, as well as addressing the growing needs for medium-sized waste-to-value solutions in Europe and the Middle-east.

“Thanks to our proprietary technologies for incinerators, thermal oxidizers, burners and DeNOx systems and the on-going Research & Development initiatives supported by the capabilities and experience of our new European setup in CFD and combustion chemistry modelling and simulations, Tialoc will continue to provide its customers with reliable, tailor made solutions to address their environmental challenges”, says Christoph Engel, COO of Tialoc Environmental Technology division.

With this new addition, Tialoc reaffirms its core strategy: offering proven state-of-the-art environmental solutions at affordable prices, thanks to its long-established sourcing platforms in Asia and multi-national process, engineering and project management capabilities.

Tialoc Group of Companies (“Tialoc”) is a German-origin group with a proven track record in providing turnkey solutions to its municipal and industrial customers in the field of process plants and facilities, environmental technology systems as well as composite process equipment.
Established in 2001, Tialoc has close to 1,000 employees across Asia and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Belgium.

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