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We are happy to present our new approved Tialoc Belgium patent for the new multi-fuel burner development up to 6 MW. The patent contains and protects the technology of a multi-fuel burner design which includes the fuel support stream, the waste stream, and the inner obstructions to increase the mixing, reduce the preferences generated by the inlet pipelines and reduce the NOx as well. The multi-fuel burner also includes a claim on H2 pilot burner because this concept is reducing the NOx substantial once we use the correct percentage into the waste/fuel mixture.

The international climate targets require further expansion of renewable energy sources. The partial and complete substitution of conventional fuels represents a key technology for high emission avoidance. Demonstrating the technical feasibility from industrial gas burners, Tialoc paves the way for a CO2-neutral industrial processes.

Our TiBE TVV LC _5 is Tialoc’s latest innovation in waste burning technology with a patent-burner design. The scalability and industrial suitability are formed under the performance of temperatures and stability control with respect to the aspects of pollutant emissions. Our TiBE TVV LC _5  is available across several sizes with ability for hydrogen-ready aiming a generic industrial burner for flexible operation with fuel mixtures variety.

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