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At Tialoc, we design and supply air pollution control equipment, turnkey systems and services, from the demanding process-technology-related task of purifying flue gas to standard applications for waste gas.

Tialoc comprises a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable engineers that services our customers’ needs around Asia region. With our production facilities based in Malaysia and China we are able to guarantee high quality and robustly built treatment units that thrive even in the most severe environments.

We provide a complete range of gas and exhaust treatment equipment including absorption equipment and different types of scrubber systems:

Particulates Removal System

  • High Efficiency Venturi Scrubber
  • Bag House Dust Collector
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)

Gas Absorption System

  • Packed Bed Scrubber
  • Spray Tower
  • Jet Scrubber
  • Laboratory scrubber

Incinerator and Thermal Oxidizer

  • Hi-intensity Thermal Oxidizer
  • Thermal DeNox
  • Flare

VOC Thermal Abatement System

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer (TNV)
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)
  • Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (KNV)
  • VOC Absorber Wheel

Gas and Exhaust System Features

  • System design is custom designed to actual waste gas conditions
  • Fully automated PLC-based industrial grade control system to precisely control chemical consumption with minimal operator intervention
  • Compact design with small footprint requirement
  • Integral platforms for operator access
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Low operation cost
  • High reliability
  • Long life-life