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Tialoc has been designing and supplying thermal abatement systems in Europe, USA and Asia since 1959.

Our systems are custom built for the abatement of solvent wastes, energy recovery and heat transfer systems. We have supplied more than 1000 such systems to clients in industries such as petrochemical, printing, automotive and semiconductor. The high level of repeat business that we enjoy is testimony to the quality of our systems.

Employing only the latest technology, our abatement systems are proven to have one of the highest thermal efficiencies in the industry. Our patented burner cone is able to mix and provide abatement at 99.9% efficiency. Our sophisticated control system allows optimal operation even under variable processing conditions. Regardless of the inlet concentration, we guarantee that the treated exhaust levels will meet (and in most cases be lower) than even the most stringent discharge limits.

Below is the list of Thermal VOC Abatement Systems we could provide:

  • TNV Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer
  • RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
  • KNV Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer
  • VOC Absorber Wheel

Our products can be used in nearly all industry sectors like:

  • automobile industry
  • coating industry
  • printing industry
  • textile industry
  • food industry
  • paper industry
  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • bitumen treating industry
  • plastic industry
  • wood industry
  • laminates industry