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With the rapid growing demand in solar-grade silicon for the photovoltaic industry, Tialoc has become one of the pioneer in design and build a complete large scale TCS treatment system for polysilicone industry.

Due to the nature of chlorosilanes which react vigorously with water and produce hydrogen chloride, hydrogen gas and hazardous residues, a hazardous zone treatment plant is required. Recently, Tialoc had successfully designed and built a TCS waste treatment system for one of the world’s largest Polysilicone producer.

TCS Hydrolysis Treatment Features:

  • Simple and safe design (HAZOP analysis conducted)
  • Proven technology
  • Simple operation & process involvement
  • Equipped with water feeding system for control of reaction temperature and transport reaction products
  • Automatic nitrogen feeding system to buffer vessels and reaction tanks to prevent explosive atmosphere
  • Specialised design and construction in electrically conductive thermoplastics and FRP;
  • Fully automatic filling and discharge procedure with multi tank control mechanism.
  • In-built touch screen control.