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The treatment and adequate management of hazardous waste is of prime importance to ensure the protection of the environment and human health.

Within the Tialoc Group the technological capability to design suitable treatment processes for the handling and disposal of such substances has been developed.

Tialoc and partners have designed and installed various facilities both in Asia and Europe to treat wastes, for example, those containing solid tar, hydrogen cyanide, toluene or benzene. Various technologies are available to custom-design the process to the clients’ needs including alternative burner solutions, varying selections of incinerator-type and combustion chamber design and orientation. Incinerators that were provided include rotary kilns, fluidized bed incinerators/furnaces for sludge or solid waste with high moisture content, ‘LedeNOx‘ incinerator, an oxidisation-reduction reactor to achieve low NOx emissions as well as a ‘Redu-Reox’ incinerator employing reduction-reoxidiation to achieve low NOx levels. Key parameters for our designs are flexibility towards varying feed compositions, reliability of equipment, low emission and high thermal efficiency.

At our China office we are also maintaining a complete hazardous waste database in line with the Chinese National Hazardous Waste Catalogue.