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The HI-Intensity thermal oxidizer is equipped with a perforated mixing wall to increase the mixing, turbulence and radiation for the gas.

The HI-Intensity thermal oxidizer developed by Tialoc-europem is applied in the field of organic waste gas and liquid incineration. The special design of the mixing wall in the combustion chamber increases the destruction efficiency up to 99.999%! The incineration temperature can be 850°C to 1200°C depending on the characteristic of the waste compounds.

The energy recuperation system (boiler or gas-gas heat exchanger) is commonly installed downstream the thermal oxidizer to recover the energy. The cooled down flue gas from energy recuperation system is ducted to the acid removal system (including the HCl removal, desulfurization or deNOX system) to meet the local emission limits.

Thermal Oxidizer Features:

  • Destruction efficiency up to 99.999%
  • Fuel saving up to 20%
  • Special sonic atomizing for high viscosity of the waste liquid
  • System is reliable and stable
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance and operating cost