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Tialoc Wastewater Reclaim and Reuse Systems are custom designed and engineered to convert industry wastewater into valuable streams.

With our innovative water reclaim systems, we are taking the challenge towards zero waste discharge. Our reclaim system incorporates technologies such as physical screening and filtration system, MF/UF, RO system, Ion Exchange system, SAR treatment system, chlorination and de-chlorination system, UV/Ozone disinfection units and Evaporator systems.

One of our reclaim systems, i.e. vacuum Evaporator system. The reclaim system uses the vacuum evaporation principle to recycle water with low consumption of energy. The waste water evaporates under vacuum and feeds all energy back into system during condensation of the steam. This in return has reduced our client disposal cost for the glass etching wastewater and produced a distillate water for reuse. The system is extremely compact for transportation.

Water Reclaim Systems Features:

  • Modular system design
  • Portable & moveable from site to site. Possible to fit into container.
  • High quality of product water
  • Minimum chemical consumption
  • Extremely compact construction
  • Fully automatic working cycle
  • Low consumption of energy vRecycling instead of disposal
  • Short payback period.