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The waste water from the production floor for various industries are normally collected in a lift station or centralise collection area before being transferred to the waste water treatment plant. These collection and transfer systems come with a control philosophy to keep as much storage capacity in the collection system and minimize shock loading to unit operation at down-stream waste water treatment system. Handling of hazardous waste water such as HF, Tialoc design double containment systems come with leak detection system, emergency shut down, minimum human interection and leak drainage system.

Chemical Waste Collection Features:

  • Direct receive and transfer, based on tank levels
  • Proven technology
  • Transfer with recirculation loop for slurry waste
  • Bleed method for concentrate acid into dilute acid stream
  • Overflow possibilities from one waste to another
  • Apply isolation philosophy and space management
  • Dual collection tanks with running & standby pumps
  • Consider maintenance access, other trade piping
  • Hazardous Wastes e.g. Dichromate waste, Concentrate etch waste, HF
  • Design & incorporation of safety features
  • Minimum contact & handling between operator and waste
  • Material selection e.g. PVDF or PTFE
  • Double containment piping
  • Double containment enclosure of tank leak containment
  • Incorporation of leak detection on piping & transfer pumps
  • Exhaust system design, proper drainage/collection in case of leaks